Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Found the Summer

[To the tune of The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle]

Hello sunshine, my old friend,
I've come to walk with you again,
'Cause the weather's gonna be baking,
No rest at night there's no sleeping,
And the umbrella that I keep beside my door
Is used no more
Now that we've found the Summer.

On sun drenched streets I've walked alone
I've burnt my neck just strolling home,
'Neath the sunshine like a heated lamp,
Sweaty bits that leave my clothes all damp
Then my eyes are blinded by the flash of the solar light
This don't feel right
We've actually having Summer.

Want to run naked out the door,
Don't care what people think no more.
At least I won't be over heating,
The sun can just go on beating,
Who needs to book a flight and take to the air
The sunshine's here
So let's all bask in Summer.

Swimming pools that are outdoors
Is not a pipe dream anymore.
Hear the words that I am singing you.
Take my hand that I might lead you.
Not till Thursday will any raindrops fall
So let's have a ball, it's Summer

There are those that bow and pray
That the sunshine's here to stay.
But we know our Summers are fleeting
There's storm clouds we'll be greeting.
And the weathergirl said, that storms are on the cards,
What a bunch of arse

Oh well, I guess that's Summer.