Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Autumnal blues

PHILOSOPHICAL PHURSDAY: Has your zipperty vanished? Have you mislaid your doo, and lost your dah? Has your normal zing seemingly been replaced with a muted clump. Fear not my friend, it happens to quite a lot of us at this time of year. We can't escape the feeling that summer is gone, the party is over and now there’s nothing to look forward to. The feeling that all we’ve got to expect is progressively colder and grottier weather and days that are just getting shorter and darker. The only thing on the distant horizon is Christmas, and that’s still months away! (Even if for some people Christmas is actually on their list for things to dread). 

It’s all to easy to start feeling that life has lost it’s sparkle and start spiralling into that dark whirlpool of hopelessness and once you’re there, take it from me, it’s almost impossible to get back out again.

The key here is to find your balancing point, the middle of your see-saw, the crest of your own personal wave if you like, and try to stay on it for as long as you can. Don’t try and compare every day to the memories of what has been, or indeed try and predict what you think life has in store for you in the future. Just learn to be happy where and who you are right now.

Don’t get me wrong, great memories of sunshine and celebration are fantastic things to look back on, but comparing that feeling to the everyday and wishing that life was like that all the time is a dangerous thing to do. 

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been around the block enough to know that our future is very rarely how we predict it’s going to be. Life always has a tendancy to throw a curve ball at us and pull the rug from beneath us, when we are least expecting it. I’m not saying all these curve balls and pulled rugs are bad; sometimes amazing things or amazing people come our way that we weren’t expecting either. The fact is we don’t know what the future has got in store for us, so there’s really no point painting yourself a gloomy picture of what you think might be.

The important thing is to stay focused on one day at a time, and just be thankful for all the things that you do have right now. Turn your attention to the little things that we all take for granted, which are generally the things that really make a difference in our lives. If it helps try making a list of the things that you know make you smile. Things that have given you that spark of excitement and made you happy and make plans to do more of them!

Remember, life isn’t always a party but that doesn’t mean it’s not fantastic anyway. There is still so many things in the every day that lift our hearts and keep us on the top of our waves. Achieving a goal, no matter how small, or finishing a project that you actually feel proud of can always give us that extra little lift we're looking for. Let's not forget that most of the time our family and friends, and even our pets, if we have them, constantly do things that put a smile on our faces. 

Just have a good look around you, believe me there are probably so many people that actually think you’re pretty amazing, even if you're not aware that they do. So hang on to those facts the next time you’re feeling low and start thinking is this all there is, because actually what you’ve got is pretty damn awesome.

Do look after yourselves, and each other.

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