Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Another year better

Well it looks like another B.E.A.Utiful start to another day out there; and what's more, it's Friday Eve already! I know I'm now another year older, (no wiser of course) and I realise time does appear to pass more quickly the older we get, but this week's been redonkulous. 

Mind you, I also think time may seem to pass quicker, because of our attitude towards it. When we're young, we see our lives stretching out in front of us, and we think we have all the time in the world to experience what it may throw our way. Then as we get older, we become more and more aware of our own mortality, and just how precious life is. 

Now that might sound all doom and gloomy, but it's really not! I think it actually means we appreciate our lives a little more, it means we become more aware of what's important. Which also means, we are less likely to accept any crap that life may try to hurl at us that it tries to get to stick. So if anything the older we get, the freer we feel. 

So really the ageing process, is just the process of working out how to best spend our lives, recognising how important it is, and knowing what matters most.
Do look after yourselves, and each other.

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