Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Stop the ride! I wanna get off!

As night follows day, and day follows night, the relentless, giant grinding cogs of the world keep turning, weather we feel they should or not. No time to pause, no time to reflect, no time to just wait until you feel ready to continue. Whatever the world deems right to hurl our way, seemingly wanting to trip us, there's no stepping off the ride we all find ourselves upon. There is no five minute break, there is no stopping for lunch, and nowhere to quietly sit aside with your head in your hands while you try to catch your breath. Once we're aboard this merry-go-round we just have to cling on, and carry on riding even when we feel like we just want to get off.

. . . But you know what!?

That's okay! Because it's the very fact that night follows day, and day follows night regardless, that gives us the strength we need to look ahead and carry on. Sure, nobody wants to be sat on the ride while a rainstorm rattles all around them. But just as day follows night, the clouds will break and move away, the sunshine will return. And when it does, we will be just where we need to be to reach out and hold the hand of someone near us who is still underneath that drenching cloud.

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