Sunday, 8 December 2013

All aboad!

Good day to you and indeed good morningtide tidings from Tidy. Yes, sadly another busily bustling weekend of pre-Christmas hurly-burly and hullabaloo has passed us by. (Don't ya just love the word 'hullabaloo'!? - Do try and slip it into a conversation today, it will make you feel all warm and rosy)

Whether we like it or not, the Christmas Train we all find ourselves upon, brightly painted in greens and reds and gold, draws ever nearer to it's destination. The constant sounds of relentless chuffing of the engine, and the occasional 'WOOT WOOT' of the whistle as we approach a tunnel or travel a steady incline are comforting as we sit back and enjoy the journey.

In fact I do think one of the best things about Christmas is the run-up towards it! The excitement of each and every day being just that little bit closer to the BIG special one! (No I'm certainly not talking about José Mourinho)

So really it doesn't matter that it's a Monday morning. When we get this close to Christmas, every day is just that little bit more exciting than the last. So enjoy your Monday, savor every morsel of it, because when you think a day is dragging, it only means the run-up to Christmas can feel that little bit longer.

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