Thursday, 23 January 2014

Jump aboard the Friday Bandwagon

Unfurl the bunting! Sound the herald trumpets! Ring the Victory Bell! Don the waistcoat of real gorilla chest, and release the Kraken! Yes folks! It's only gone and turned into a blessed, glorious Friday once again! Yes, I know it happens every week, and I know it's probably NOT cool to stand up and shout about it being a Friday on social networks anymore. Getting excited about a Friday and being outspoken about it is one of those social network silent crimes, that if you participate in you will receive scorn and the rolling of eyes and possibly a one word insult from those cool people who don't want to be seen jumping on any bandwagons.

Still, who wants to try and be cool!? Surely the first step in achieving proper coolness is not trying to be cool, it's just being yourself and not conforming to what people believe to be cool. So in many respects, all the cool people who shun the Friday merry makers, are in fact not being cool at all. Besides which, who wouldn't want to jump on a bandwagon! Have you seen what a bandwagon looks like!? They're like giant coaches all decorated with gold filigree and carved lions and they have tiny, tiny wheels! Plus, and let's not forget this, they have a live band playing in them! Now if jumping on a bandwagon is EVER an option, I'm gonna be doing it in a heartbeat.

So climb aboard this bandwagon, (there's a little golden ladder at the back) and let's dance to the rhythm of band while singing the song of our people. The song that speaks of sunshine, of moonlight, of good times, and boogieing. A song that celebrates the smilers, celebrates the revel makers, celebrates the coolness of being uncool, and champions the fact that it's Friday once again!

Huzzah say I. Huzzah.

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