Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WARNING: Running in 'Goldfish' mode.

A metaphorical but deafening 'D flat' has rung out so loudly it would of loosened my fillings, if I had any. Well, I'm saying it was a 'D flat', suffice to say that the day has not started on a good note. I've only been conscious for just over an hour and my brain seems to be running in 'goldfish' mode. (Although having said that, the fact about goldfish only having a 3 second memory, is actually false! In fact, fact fans, it has been scientifically proven that a goldfishes memory can span up to 5 months!)

Sorry, sidetracked again. You see! Another example of 'goldfish' mode. The ability to instantly lose your train of . . . Badgers are funny aren't they? Hee hee, sorry only messing with you that time. Still, two paragraphs in and I still haven't really explained myself as to why my day has started on such a bum note. (Funny phrase that, 'a bum note' always makes me think of flatulence! And as we all know, there aren't many things more funny than flatulence! . . . No? . . . Must be a bloke thing! hehehe)

You see, I've already managed to lose my porridge! (No that's NOT a metaphor!) I was planning to start my day with a warming bowl of Ready Brek, I wandered into the kitchen and retrieved said box of breakfast substance from the kitchen table and as far as I'm aware took it with me to take to work. However, at some point between the kitchen and getting to the car, I managed to mislay it! I only realised this as I was arriving at work and looked down at the passenger seat where I would normally of put it, and discovered it wasn't there! No doubt good Lady T will tell me where I have left it. As at this point I have no recollection of where it might be! Maybe I was distracted by the aftermath of the cats night time toilet experiments. Which involved tipping out half the contents of one of their litter trays, before pooping on the hallway mat, and then turning over the corner to try and cover it up. I really have no idea.

Having got to work, feeling hungry, and with nought to eat, I decided to make myself a coffee. So I put the kettle on and made a hot cup of Milikano, (Seriously, the best instant coffee there is!) I then went and sat down at my work station, to start my morning ramblings, only to discover that somewhere between the kettle and my desk I had also managed to mislay my coffee!! So I retraced my steps to the kitchen at the far side of the building. Nothing. So, in a mild state of confusion I wandered around wondering where on earth I had put it down. It was eventually located on the window sill next to the back door. I guess I must of put it there, when I was unlocking it and then instantly forgot that I had done so!

So not really the greatest of starts to the day. I can but hope, for my sanity and for the sanity of those around me today, that this 'goldfish' brain mode will eventually switch off, otherwise today may well be a very challenging day indeed.

Still, do have yourselves a VERY fine Friday Eve and I pray that your brain, unlike mine, will be firing on all it's cylinders.

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