Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Who is Brian?

"LOOK! IT'S BRIAN!" was the phrase I woke myself up by shouting this morning, which apparently also called for me to point at the ceiling. Thankfully this was just moments before the alarm went off anyway, but I should like to apologise to the amazing Lady T if my random name shouting did in any way wake her from her slumber also. I think I may be in the clear though, as she never mentioned it as she shuffled into the bathroom past me this morning.

As for who Brian is, I honestly have no idea as I don't remember seeing the person in question, just aware that I was shouting about them. As I said, I was pointing at the ceiling as I awoke, but I'm pretty sure that the light fitting or ceiling fan are not named Brian. Besides, why would I sound so surprised to see them even if they were, after all, the fixtures and fittings aren't known for their gallivanting. (Lovely word!) I'm also fairly certain we don't know anyone socially called Brian either. Sure, I have known people called Brian in the past, but none that really have stayed in my social circle for very long.

Which leads me to the conclusion that it must of been a celebrity Brian which I had spotted in my slumber, so then the question remains, was it, Cox, Cant, Blessed, May, Jacks, Harvey, McFadden, Johnson, Wilson, Epstein or Murphy? I honestly have no idea!

Right, well might as well go and have this Wednesday that is staring me in the face then! Sorry about the randomness.

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