Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Really! Still January!!

It the eve of the Friday. Once more we find ourselves at the beginning of the the penultimate furlong of another week. Yet despite how quickly the days seem to pass, unbelievably it is still insisting on being January! Yes, despite it being the same length as March, May, July, August, October, and December, January seems to last forever. I think the reason for this is that January is kind of like the Monday of the year. We've all had a nice long rest at the weekend of the year, otherwise know as Christmas. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, feels like about 3 months ago now!

Then, before we know it, we all start back with our noses against the grindstone. Which, if you were wondering fact fans, is a phrase that has nothing to do with windmill owners making flour! You see a miller uses a millstone, not a grindstone, and the phrase is not 'hold our noses against the millstone' now is it! In fact the phrase comes from the practice of knife grinders when sharpening blades to bend over the stone, or even to lie flat on their fronts, with their faces near the grindstone in order to hold the blades against the stone. Plus, in the early 1500s it was actually used as a form of punishment, they did enjoy their creative forms of punishment back then didn't they!

Sorry, got side-tracked again there! The point is, I really think January has overstayed it's welcome. I think it's about time we all started glancing at our watches and yawning and maybe having a stretch, just to see if it takes the hint! Failing that, I think we're just gonna have to plough in with the phrase "Well, we won't keep you any longer!" Which of course we all know actually means, We wish to stop talking to you now and get on with our lives.

Still only two days left of January to endure, and they are a Friday and a Friday Eve, so things could always be worse!

Take care all you lovely people! Oh okay, and all you little tinkers too!

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