Thursday, 6 March 2014


MORNING, GORGEOUS FELLOW CAMPERS!! shh! *whispers* sorry. morning! I know I am a little early this morning, I am literally writing live from the crack of dawn. (No! Don't insert your own smutty joke here, nobody needs that grubbiness this early in the morning)

I am in a tad earlier than normal for the usual deadline related issues, too much to do, too little time to do it. You know the score. Still this does have two rather large benefits as fa as I can see it. Firstly it means I get to enjoy a whole extra hour of Fridayness, which is never a bad thing. And secondly it also means, that once the job is laid to rest later on today, I get to go home early too! So HUZZAH I say, and thrice HUZZAH. Of course there is also a slight downside to it, and that is the fact that I am out on the town tonight. (Burgess Hill beware!) So by the time it get's to pint number three, I am going to be awfully tiredly and small have to try and acquire a small snooze in the corner of a rowdy pub. Still, wouldn't be the first time!

I know really early mornings aren't everyone's of a cup of tea, or coffee depending on your preference. But I've never really minded tackling the dawn from the underside. (NO! Just stop it with your mucky minds the lot of you! You should be ashamed that your mind goes there, this early in the day! Honestly. SO rude!) For some reason, I've always been at my sharpest first thing in the morning. Well after a hot shower and a sip of coffee at any rate. Although having said that, the same can't be said about me on a Saturday morning. You just ask the Marvelous Lady T, generally speaking I have a brain like a Zombie on a Saturday morning for some reason. She refers to it as my 'Saturday head' with good reason, frankly on a Saturday I'm a liability till gone half past twelve.

Still I'm getting a little ahead of myself for we all have the wonderous joy and and beguiling beauty of a full Blessed Friday to look forward to. So strap on your best smile, give someone a vigorous tickle, followed by a big sloppy kiss. Get your you giggle pants at the ready, (Always good to have a pair of these!) go out there with gusto, and get really to simply lap up the finest day of the week.

Do enjoy yourselves everyone, smile like you mean it, and try and spread some around the place as you do it.

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