Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring has descended

Good day and good morning to all you gentle men, and indeed to all you rough ladies. (you know who you are!) Firstly I would like to apologise for my Tidy Tardiness this morning. It seems that the technology here at the office didn't want to wake up this morning. Still never mind all that, I'm here now, better late then never as they say.

Well yesterday turned out really quite gorgeous didn't it!? Admittedly it was a little chilly first thing in the morning, but by the time the sunshine had woken up properly, washed the sleep out of it's eyes, had a poo, got dressed and it's first cup of coffee, it was actually quite pleasantly warm in the sunshine. And today doesn't look like it's going to be any less gorgeous either.

Spring it seems might of finally decided to descend upon us, wrapping it's daffodil clad arms around us and tickling us with it's posies of primroses. Sadly I shall have to leave all my naked frolicking and cavorting in fields of daffodils until another time. As once again I fear I find myself as busy as bee who has achieved Honours in Business and Management Studies from the Cambridge, started it’s own company producing organic honey, succeeded in selling it’s honey to all the top British superstores, and is currently on the verge of making a deal to sell it’s honey to all the International markets.

Still, with the sunshine and the blue skies doing their level best to spread their smiles over our hearts, I’m sure no matter how busy we are, or what we are doing on this fine Friday Eve, it will seem all the easier for their company.

Have yourself a glorious Thursday and I shall see you all on The Blessed Friday.

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