Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Take control of your 'The Tuesday'

Hello! Good morning and good day to you, my shining examples of bustling beauties. Well how was yours? Didn't really have time to catch-up yesterday what with all the Paddys Day shenanigans going on. Still, that particular green patch of the year has passed, which leaves us, I'm afraid to say, with a fairly normal and nondescript 18th March and yet another 'The Tuesday'.

Yes dear friends, the shuddering mass of a 'The Tuesday' has disembarked, barged its way through crowds, shuffled its way in front of us, and then just to deliberately hold us up as much as it can, decided to get on it's hands and knees and slowly crawl it's way forward, with a sneering grin on it's red bloated face. 

Sadly Fact Fans all I can offer about the 18th of March is that in 1850, yes that's right 1850! American Express was founded, who knew people were determined to squander their hard earned cash on credit cards back then. Then in 1931 the very first electric razor went on sale, one guy liked it so much he bought the company! Then in 1986, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson. Still not everything works out for the best I suppose.

Yet despite this, I'm actually feeling quite chipper for a 'The Tuesday', and I have absolutely no idea why! Still I might as well make the most of all this undiluted tickerty boo I seem to be in possession of. Let's bear in mind that while this 'The Tuesday' is crawling slowly in front of us with it's smug grin, it is in a prime position for us to give it repeated swift kicks up the arse. So put on your best arse kicking boots, (mine are cowboy boots with a pointy metal toe) and let's start gently reminding this 'The Tuesday' we're not going to suffer any of it's nonsense it will try to fling our way.
Stay strong good people.

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