Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Call the Hugulance!

Hello to you, you gem encrusted sparkling ray of sunshine! Welcome to yet another 'The Tuesday'. To be honest it's not as cold as I thought it might be today. Yesterday I was led to believe that this morning and the rest of the day today was going to be a very chillsome experience. Turns out, it's not that bad really. I wouldn't say it was warm of course, I mean I wouldn't grab a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops, but it's certainly not the coldest morning we've had recently. Although it does look like it might try and drizzle a bit later on. So that's your weather for today, thank you for listening to the in depth weather report on TTV.

Well thankfully apart from the weird milk arrangement and cryptic door signs for no apparent reason, the rest of the day didn't really hold any more weirdness. Mind you I wouldn't of been to shocked if it had, we all know how bizarre things and events seem to be attracted to me for some reason. I'm sure there must be a reason for it, who knows maybe one day I'll discover what it is.

So never mind me, how was your Monday? Pass by quite quickly again did it? I knew it would, they always do. The weeks seem to just fly by on the run up to Chrimbletide. That is until you get to the two week away point, when days seem to turn into weeks and weeks feel like years. Still we're still a little way off from that patch of 'treacle time' as I call it.

Right well, I won't keep you no doubt you've still got a lot of getting ready to do. So do wrap up a little warmly and if you need a hug you know where I am. The Hugulance is on stand by and ready to burst into action should the need arise . . . Actually that would be a really great service to offer wouldn't it? An 'emergency hug' phone number that you ring when in dire need of just a cuddle. Then someone rushes to where ever you are and without saying a word just gives you a really tight squeeze no questions asked and then leaves so you can get on with your day. Hmm food for thought there I feel.

Still have a good one! See you little tinkers tomorrow.

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