Friday, 29 November 2013

Calling The Doctor. (part 2)

*Insert sound of Tardis materialising here*

There! See! Bang on Friday afternoon, just before dinner time. Ahh good old reliable tiny hammer, you’ve got me out of a few scrapes over the years haven’t you. Aren’t hammers brilliant? You’d be amazed at what you fix with a small hammer. I remember once The Master told me I used it to fly the Tardis with. Ridiculous statement to make, although I suppose he was right, in a way. Still that’s all ancient history. Oh, and duct tape. Yes, duct tape is fairly handy too. Don’t go anywhere without duct tape and a hammer I say.

Anyway, I told you we could go straight to Friday evening from Monday morning didn’t I, and here we are! Go on, have a look if you don’t believe me! . . . See! It’s definitely Friday out there, look at all those people with their mad weekend grins. They look like a bunch of clockwork androids I had a run in with once. Still never mind that, we’re on a mission remember?

Chops! That’s right, lovely chops covered in brown sauce, oh and chips as well! Chips are brilliant too! Chops and Chips, or chipped chops and chips, or chipped chops and chips from the chip shop. Ha! Try saying that fast three times! Actually I’m not sure chip shops do chops. Maybe they should. Why don’t chip shops do chops? Chops in batter. Ooo that does sound nice, let me write that down, where’s my notepad? Have you seen my note pad? No? Ah well don’t worry, I’ll just remember it cos I’m brilliant! Have I mentioned that I’m brilliant? Right then off we go then! Come on catch up!

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