Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bloody weather!!

Raindrops on roses, and raindrops on kittens
So stick on the kettle, there's no need for mittens
Storm winds and puddles, so tired of these things
I'm bored of this weather and all that it brings.

The garden is flooded, there goes a fence panel
With strong gusts and downpours, let's go grab a paddle
Each day just promises more of these things
It's getting depressing, let's don rubber rings.

You're not safe on pavements with drive-by splashes
Soaked to the skin, getting cold noses and rashes
The wettest of winters, all waiting for spring
Just praying for sunshine and the hope that it brings.

When the storm breaks
When the rain stings
I'm left feeling sad
I can't remember what nice weather is
Why must it be so bad

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