Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Close Encounters of the Bitey Unkind

Well hello, good morning and good day to you! May precipitations of felicitations shower upon you all. Yes, much like an anxious baby rabbit emerging from it's burrow on a late Spring morning, Wednesday has arrived. Praise be indeed to the coming of the peak of the week.

There is still that lingering air of calm relaxation about this half term week that I am really enjoying, as I trust are you. Although this morning I did find myself slightly perturbed by the appearance of, what I call, a R.O.I, which stands for a 'Random Overnight Injury'.

Yes, I have suffered many of these such things over the years, and myself and the Good Lady T like to jokingly put these down to me constantly being whisked off by the little grey fellas with the big heads, so they can perform experiments of a scientific nature upon me. With the way my brain seems to function, I can certainly see why they should want to check it was working okay. I think the most impressive of these injuries, was the morning I awoke to discover three perfectly straight cuts in the small of my back, which looked to all the world, exactly like a tiny three-pronged plug had been inserted in there. It was really quite sore, but we still found it funny at the time.

This morning's R.O.I has manifested itself in the form of what looks like a tiny row of tooth bites across two of my fingers that has actually punctured the skin. The upper row of teeth being on my little finger, and the bottom row on my middle finger. (See attached photo above) Now, I don't mind being metaphorically beamed aboard passing interplanetary scientists crafts, so they can learn things and make new discoveries, but if they are just going to beam me to bite me on the fingers they can jolly well sod right off!! The rude little gits!

Still, aside from being a bit sore I don't seem to be any worse for wear for my R.O.I. Sadly I don't seem to acquired any superhuman powers from the bite either, well none that I've discovered so far. If any do materialize you'll be the first to know.

Do have yourselves a wonderful Wednesday, and be careful out there folks!
Remember, the truth is out there!

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